One Pan Flavor Slams


6-8 oz Diced chicken breast (cooked)

6-8 oz Favorite Veggie medley i.e broccoli, green beans, snap peas etc (pre cooked)

Non-stick spray or 1tbl coconut oil

½ tsp Toasted or Raw sesame seeds

1 tbsp Green onions

1 tbsp Fried Garlic chips

Salt, pepper, garlic OR House Seasoning


Take a non stick pan and bring to medium-high heat. Once up to temp, add the non stick spray or coconut oil. Add in your chicken and veggies. Cook for 2-3 minutes and occasionally stir.

Add 1 serving of Flavor Don Sriracha Maple, sauté and cook for another 30-60 make sure the sriracha maple is fully mixed in.

Add in 1-3 servings of the take out, mix and reduce heat. Plate and add to top of meal sesame seeds, green onions and fried garlic chips.